Snake Burn Healed In Less Than A Week

Kurt Sladky is a DVM, DACZM, and professor at UW-Madison’s School of Veterinary Medicine. For over 20 years, he has seen many burns on snakes and other reptiles. Many are due to malfunctioning heat sources. During a conversation in August, he relayed his experience on one such burn case that involved a snake and its malfunctioning heat source.

“It was the first real case we used [MicroLyte Vet] on. A significant burn, at first we’re not sure how it manifests. We could see the damage at the surface, but not the muscle or organs.

In the past, we would have slathered it with SSD and bandaged. Usually, these would take a very long time to heal. We would expect to apply multiple bandages over time and hope for the best for the muscles and organs.

In this case, we applied [the MicroLyte Vet] to half of the body of the snake, and asked the owner to bring it back in 5 days to look. When the owner brought it back, the tissue had healed to such a degree that we didn’t need to bandage it anymore.

It was remarkable. I hadn’t seen anything like that before. This was a rapid healing process, especially for a reptile. Everyone at the clinic was blown away at how well it did.”

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