The Selling Points

Learn the important details, common questions, and closing methods to successfully introduce MicroLyte Vet to new veterinary practices.

Long-Lasting Effect

Three days of continuous antimicrobial action means the bandage can be left undisturbed with confidence.

Unimpeded Healing

Other powerful topicals often have the downside of slowing the healing process. Not MicroLyte Vet.


Used in wounds of all kinds: surgeries, dirty open wounds, mass removals, lick granulomas, and more.

Get Past the Gatekeeper

Ask if they’ve done any wound care, then show this 10-second clip:

Closing Points

Reasons a clinic should buy now. It’s only $50 to get started and have some on hand!

Have It Available On Hand

Clinics never know when a trauma case or lick granuloma is going to show up.

100% Shelf-Life Guarantee

If the customer’s product runs past the shelf date, we’ll replace it for free.

Buy A Box, Get 1pc Free

“It’s only $50 for a box of five. Buy a box and get a free single (or two) today.”

want to sell MicroLyte Vet?

Distributor Training & Sales Kit

Watch the video

Or, get other forms of training to learn about selling Microlyte Vet. Call, email, etc!

Get Your Sales Kit!

Send us a message to get the literature and samples to share with your customers!

Get Your Sales Kit – Or More!

The standard kit will include 20 trifold brochures and 10 samples. If you want more kinds of literature, or have a special reason for more samples (e.g. trade show, strategic account, etc) let us know and we will try to accommodate.

Setup a One-on-One

Want more in-depth training on MicroLyte Vet? Sign up for a one-on-one session, or get an appointment on the calendar for you and some colleagues.

Schedule time with a manufacturer’s rep

Download Literature

These files are optimized for email. Contact us to get printed literature you can hand out to a clinic.

Full Page Detailer

Trifold Detailer

Antimicrobial Power

Half Page Instructions

Equine Case Studies

Small Animal Case Studies

Learn about the mechanisms of action and components.

A collection of published articles spanning over a decade.