Imbed Biosciences Supports Wildfire Response Veterinarians with MicroLyte VET

Imbed Biosciences, Inc. (Imbed) is teaming up with veterinarians from UC Davis to aid the efforts of wildfire response teams in the Pacific Northwest. To date, the company has provided over 500 pieces of its advanced wound care product to support the effort.

Madison, WI, October 6th, 2020

When the wildfires currently sweeping the Pacific Northwest broke out in California, UC Davis Veterinarian Dr. Jamie Peyton reached out to Imbed’s veterinary division. Having used MicroLyte VET during last year’s wildfires in Australia, Dr. Peyton asked Imbed to send packages of its product to multiple contacts, all of them part UC Davis’ comprehensive response.

MicroLyte VET works by adhering a thin matrix loaded with silver nanoparticles to the surface of a wound. The antimicrobial effect of those silver nanoparticles lasts for a full three days, while the matrix aids cellular growth. This is especially important for wildlife care because bandage changes usually involve sedation – and often even full anesthesia. Frequent anesthesia can be harmful, so the fact that MicroLyte VET’s antimicrobial is active for the entire period between bandage changes becomes even more important with wildlife.

Dr. Peyton expressed her gratitude, saying, “We are thankful for Imbed’s continued willingness to support our efforts in treating all animals affected by these devastating wildfires. The availability of MicroLyte VET for our companion animal, livestock, and wildlife burn cases has ensured that we can deliver this advanced treatment and lead them toward the path of recovery.”

Wildfires move swiftly, so animals often cannot be found before people are forced to evacuate. One family, whose farm was destroyed in the ongoing LNU Lightning Complex fires, returned home to find their cat covered in ashes that had once been their farm. All four of the cat’s paws were completely covered in third degree burns. This defender of the family farm is expected to make a full recovery, with the help of MicroLyte VET.

And while wildlife often makes its own way out of the danger zone, many are still affected. Dr. Peyton is seen here treating a bobcat that was burned, also on all four paws. He is currently being treated by UC Davis’ Wildlife Disaster Network while staying at Gold Country Wildlife Rescue.

To date, over 500 pieces of MicroLyte VET have been donated to UC Davis and other wildfire response teams in the Pacific Northwest. Imbed Biosciences is extending a hand to help anyone else who has been affected by the wildfires, offering free or highly discounted MicroLyte VET, which can help to heal burns and other wounds associated with the fires.

Imbed Bioscience’s CEO, Ankit Agarwal, had this to say, “We are thankful to Dr. Peyton and her team at UC-Davis for volunteering in this disaster relief program and employing Microlyte Vet wound dressing as first choice primary dressing for treatment of these burn and trauma wounds. We are committed to continue support this program.”

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