Greyhound Fracture Repair Dehiscence

A 3 year-old Greyhound, Female (spayed), 27 kg, presented with a fractured front left leg. After repair, the wound dehisced and MicroLyte Vet was used to help deal with the infection and close the wound. Case notes and pictures were provided:

Initial Wound Management

Triple antibiotic ointment was placed on the incision and the other areas of ulceration noted. Sterile 4X4 and lap sponges were as a dry to dry dressing over the incision. A modified Robert Jones bandage with a spoon splint was placed.

Presenting Complaint

Left R/U Fx incision dehiscence

Other Concerns

Concern for hypocoaguability

Culture Results

Isolate 1: Serratia marcescens – 2+

Isolate 2: Enterobacter cloacae – 2+

Isolate 3: E. coli – 1+

Antibiotic Therapy

Clavamox then Enrofloxacin once we received culture results

MicroLyte Vet Application

MicroLyte Vet applied 21 days after initial surgery; five applications of MicroLyte Vet total, every 2-3 days. Manuka Honey used as secondary topical.

Two weeks after starting MicroLyte Vet, the wound was fully healed:

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