From the Archives: MicroLyte Vet Prophylactic Use in C-Section

MicroLyte Vet was used to help prevent surgical site infection after c-section.

In 2019, Dr. Scotty Gibbs shared an example of his use of MicroLyte Vet in c-section cases. Here, he provides us with details, photos and his reasoning behind the prophylactic use of MicroLyte Vet.

“This was a c-section case. The patient was a 7-year-old Boxer. We typically do not use perioperative antibiotics in c section cases. As such, anything we can do to minimize the chance of incisional complications is warranted. I thought MicroLyte Vet would be a good option. The incision was about 10 inches in length. It was used in the subcutaneous space after apposition of her linea. A single application was performed during closure. The patient recovered uneventfully. We delivered 6 viable and 1 nonviable pups. ”

– Dr. Scotty Gibbs, Hilltop Animal Hospital, Fuquay Varina, NC

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