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Pit bull puppy survives attack and is treated with MicroLyte VET for a rapid recovery

When the pit bull puppy named Aadya showed up at Allegan Vet Clinic on August 25th, 2019, Dr. Carissa Coulson began treatment with a sugar/iodine solution – and ordered MicroLyte VET for prolonged care.

Aadya isolated in the parvo ward during treatment – Day 16 of treatment

After four days of the sugar and iodine treatment, Dr. Coulson began treatment using MicroLyte VET. In an unrelated circumstance, Aadya came down with parvo during her treatment. Under isolation, she continued to improve until being released from the parvo ward eight days later.

The complete course of treatment ran twenty days before Aadya was released into her foster home. See the sliders below for an overall view of how this case healed over time.

Right side injury progression

Left side injury progression

Inside injury progression

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