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MicroLyte® VET brings a unique combination of characteristics to a veterinary wound care product:

  • Fully resorbable: MicroLyte VET never needs to be removed from the wound, reducing painful dressing changes
  • 3-day antimicrobial effect: MicroLyte VET is >99.99% effective against a broad spectrum of wound-related microbes.
  • Synthetic: MicroLyte VET carries zero risk of disease transmission.
  • Safe: A lower, but effective level of ionic and metallic silver reduces residual toxicity to healthy tissues.

The combination of these characteristics means that MicroLyte VET can be your first choice for traumatic, chronic, and surgical wounds.

MicroLyte VET, 2″x2″ (Box of 5)
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MicroLyte VET, 4″x4″ (Box of 5)
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