Provide the Ideal Healing Conditions

MicroLyte Vet reduces bioburden without impeding the healing process.

See it in action…

…what you can’t see is the nanometers-thick material called “PEMs” (Polyelectrolyte Multilayers). This synthetic matrix contains ionic and metallic silver to combat microbial colonization.

Data supported, expert approved.

With over a decade years of research, over five years since FDA 510(k) clearance for human use, thousands of cases, and acceptance by hundreds of veterinary practices around the world, MicroLyte Vet has proven its value as an innovative tool for wound care across a variety of cases.

Used in a variety of cases.

There are many kinds of wounds. And most can benefit from reduced bioburden.


Combat the existing infection without impacting the healing process.

Open Wound Management

Help prevent possible contamination from spreading further.

Primary Closure

Guard surgical sites from potential dehiscence due to infection.

Easy to Apply

The film is thin but sturdy, making it easy to place before it starts to hydrate.

Lasts 72 Hours

Maximum antimicrobial performance lasts for three days before decreasing over time.

Absorbs Completely

There is no painful debridement required to remove it during bandage changes.

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A truly innovative technology.

MicroLyte Vet contains two layers. One is less than 100nm thick, a synthetic matrix containing ionic and metallic silver. The other layer is used to deposit this semi-permeable barrier to the cell surface, allowing it to be handled and becoming a gel when it contacts moisture.

Nano-scale Matrix

The active layer, made of several electrically charged polymer layers loaded with ionic and metallic silver.

Visible Handling Layer

This layer soaks up moisture, pulling the matrix close to the wound bed and turning into a gel.

First, do no harm.

Many products claim to contain ionic and metallic silver, yet they are not all the same. MicroLyte Vet’s silver nanoparticles are truly “nano” in scale, and are contained inside the synthetic matrix (“PEMs”). MicroLyte Vet was engineered to be “safe on skin” while creating an effective barrier against infection…

Comparison of MicroLyte Vet with other silver-containing products.

Then, provide 72 hours of protection.

Exerting sustained antimicrobial activity of silver for 72 hours in the microscopic environment of the wound tissue, MicroLyte Vet kills more than 99.99% CFU (colony forming units) of clinically relevant microbes at 100x lower levels of silver compared to dressings and topicals.

24- and 72-hour kill rates against a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi

What Your Colleagues Say

We are now working with a third party, The Veterinary Wound Library, to collect feedback and case studies. If you are using MicroLyte Vet, or want to try it, we encourage you to get involved!

“Started using it and LOVING IT! It is an excellent product. I talk about it a lot in my wound healing lectures.”

Bryden Stanley, DVM, DACVS

Professor Emeritus, MSU Veterinary School

“Has, in many ways, revolutionized and simplified the wound care protocols in our practice.”

Scotty Gibbs, DVM

Owner, Hilltop Animal Hospital

“I have used many wound care products but none match the capabilities, price, and ease of use.”

Dan Oberschlake, DVM

Owner, Heritage Animal Hospital

Available from most veterinary distributors

MicroLyte Vet can be purchased from most major US distributors, as well as in Canada and the UK. If you wish to purchase from anywhere else in the world, or have questions about acquiring MicroLyte Vet, contact us.

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